Weiner :: Not the Worst Sex-Pest to Ever Run for Office…

Cineville - Weiner

This documentary about Anthony Weiner, the politician with a weird sex fetish, starts by showing in quick, concise, convincing fashion just how good he could have been if he weren’t as mad as a fish.

There is footage of him taking no shit and railing against the Right with passion and fearlessness and no small amount of eloquence, and it's really impressive. I found myself thinking, well so what that he tweeted a picture of his Lyndon B? That doesn’t make him an irretrievably bad person, does it? Donald Trump has done a lot worse in the past 24 hours. One assumes.

Then we follow the man on the campaign trail and for most of the film, even after he’s mired himself in the scandal of exhibitionism and sexual opportunism for the second time, he still has a lot going for him as a politician. He’s passionate and courageous – he has huge balls, and you can see why people like him. And yet … at the same time, there is something really really peculiar about him. He’s a disturbing combination of arrogant, aggressive and infantile.

Cineville - Weiner

The infamous bakery scene, in which he rails at a Jewish man who abused him (and his Arabic wife) shows a man totally out of control. As does in fact all of his unpleasant social media activity.

But fuck it. The bar is so low right now that I’d still rather this unhinged sex-pest was in the White House, as he is less unhinged, and indeed less of a sex-pest, than Donald Trump.


Weiner contains some of the most excruciating moments I believe I’ve ever seen in a documentary, and it’s totally compelling. Overall, a superb, horrifically intimate study of modern American madness.

Only one thing could possibly make the story any more insane than it already is and that would be if Weiner popped up again out of nowhere and was somehow forcibly implicated in an FBI conspiracy to ensure that Donald Trump was installed in the White House.


You have to laugh.

Cineville - Weiner

No, you really do.



The Viewing

This was only my first visit here after I walked into a glass door last time. No one mentioned it.

As I was waiting for the film to start in yet another almost deserted auditorium, a statuesque blonde woman sashayed into the room. I imagined beautiful things passing between us. She sashayed back out.

Then I watched the trailer for Shadow World for the first time. Crikey, that looks frank. Both excitingly and depressingly so.

*Then* there was a surprise short film in the form of Terri Timely’s Input/Output, which you can see here, and you definitely should, because it’s a delightful little study of … um, something or other….

It was particularly marvellous watching it at the cinema though. It made me think of that old Ariston advert. Ohh look, here it is in full…

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