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Cineville - A Quiet Passion

A Quiet Passion was a grave disappointment to me, I'm afraid, precisely because the passion was so quiet as to be pretty much non-existent.

I am a fan of Emily Dickinson. I like her outspokenness, her courage and yes, her passion. There is some of this in the film — in the opening scene at school: "You are alone in your rebellion, Miss Dickinson"; in another scene that also found its way into the trailer, where she openly defies religious authority: "I will not kneel" — but there is not, in my opinion, enough of it.

In actual fact, I found A Quiet Passion something of a trial.

I did not enjoy being immersed in such a repulsively puritanical and humourless milieu. I did not enjoy having to share the crippling loneliness and devastating frustration of the poet.

Cineville - A Quiet Passion

I have no doubt that the film is brilliantly made. It is very painterly, poetic and literate, and never less than convincing. I just found it so painfully slow and I'm afraid to say, dull, that I was rather willing it to end after about an hour.

It's not like I was craving a car chase or anything. I just wanted to share in Emily Dickinson's victories, and they seemed so few and far between. As I say, I'm sure it was an accurate portrayal of her life. I just didn't enjoy it.

And also, the buttons on the nightdress Dickinson wore for the last half-hour of the film brought me out in a rather unpleasant sweat. Fellow koumpounophobes — be warned.


Cineville - A Quiet Passion


The Viewing

I'm at the 11:20 showing on a Saturday morning. There aren't very many of us. Fewer than ten. I'm guessing Emily Dickinson isn't that high on people's lists of historical cultural figures they'd like to see in a movie. I'm guessing most people don't know who she was. I studied her at college and used to like her poetry a lot, but even I didn't exactly rush out to catch this film.

This is my first time in Zaal 4 of the FilmHallen and what an absolute scorcher it is. There are only 50 seats (I counted them) but they are superplush and each comes with its own drinks-holder at the end of the arm, a wine bottle-holder down below and a snacking tray for each pair of seats. I'm not a cinema snackman myself ordinarily, but it's definitely a nice thing to have space for stuff, should you require it.

Having said that I'm not a snackman, I must confess that once at the Peckhamplex I did sneak an entire packet of biscuits into my mouth, where I allowed them to melt completely soundlessly.

(I ate them one at a time by the way, if that wasn't clear.)

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