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Cineville - Oasis - Supersonic

The first thing to be said about Supersonic is that it's very funny. Whatever you may think of the Gallagher brothers, you have to admit, they are funny. Actually, maybe you don't. You don't have to admit anything. I do though. I have to admit it. I find them funny.

Funny in the way that boisterous, rule-breaking children can be funny, and you don't want to laugh because you know it only encourages them, but you can't help it, because they're irrepressible and they're kind of wild, and you instinctively admire them for it.

Supersonic is a really entertaining documentary. There are moments of great excitement when you remember how much you wanted to be in a band as a youngster, and how much a part of you still yearns to go back in time and live that life.

The relationship between the brothers is well-drawn. As one journalist says at one point, 'Noel has a lot of buttons, and Liam has a lot of fingers.' Liam is the younger one, and the more infantile of the two, with the tantrums and the moods and the lion's share of the jealousy. Noel is less needy, and slightly more mature. But they're both pretty simple men.

Cineville - Oasis - Supersonic

They're basically two ordinary working class blokes who were brought up in violence and poverty and like most ordinary working class blokes brought up in violence and poverty, they're not awfully good at talking about their emotions or their fears.

'I'm just a cunt,' says Noel at one point. Like that's it. Like that's the way I am and there's nothing to be done about it. I kind of wanted to slap him at that point. Well, fucking change, I wanted to say. Be better. Work at it.

During their fights and throughout the interviews, Noel keeps reiterating the fact that it's the songs that matter. The songs are the important thing. I don't agree.

Some of the songs are quite good but personally, I could take or leave the best of them. What I think makes the documentary work is the stories: the relationship between the brothers; Liam's insistence on being a rock and roll cliché; their arrest on the way to Amsterdam; the dismal crystal meth gig; the deadbeat father trying to wheedle his way back into their lives; and how incredibly lucky they were to make it big at all.

Cineville - Oasis - Supersonic

I liked Oasis a lot for about six months and then for me, it all started to sound like some horrible dead-voiced whine. I think the main reason they made it was because they were such gargantuan gobshites, and they were good value for money in interviews.

Supersonic is great fun overall, although - much like the brothers themselves - it does go on a bit.



The Viewing

My first time at the Kriterion and another great cinema. I think I just love cinemas. This one is slightly less beautiful than most of the others but it's still an extremely cool space. Not just a cool space but a cool space, with a great bar downstairs and a bin full of free film posters, which one day I may very well peruse.

I was upstairs for this screening, along with two other middle-aged blokes in an otherwise empty 100-seater with blue curtains and walls, which, I think, might be quite unusual for a cinema. The blueness, I mean. Not the demographic. 

As you might imagine, there is a lot of ripe language in Supersonic, and occasionally I would scribble down some of the Dutch subtitles. So on this day I learned hufterflikker and kullekoek. The last one I can't figure out. Maybe I wrote it down wrong, or maybe, at some point, Noel really did call Liam a cake-teaser. You never know with those two. 

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