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Cineville - Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water is a beautiful, evocative and not unpoignant film about the depths to which poverty (and a little stupidity) can force a desperate man to sink.

In order to provide for his sons, one desperate man convinces his slightly unhinged brother to help him rob a few banks. Ben Foster is the crazy brother, Chris Pine is the less crazy one, Jeff Bridges is the cop in his last six months before retirement, yadda yadda yadda. Lots of clichés, nothing new or surprising. Good on mood though. Very good on mood.

Mood: moody.

Maybe it was because I'd been overhyped, but ultimately it didn't move me as much as I'd hoped it would. It's all gloomy and desperate and steeped in poverty and loss but ultimately I didn't care too much about the characters. I wanted to, but they weren't that interesting.

It also reminded me of Bonnie and Clyde in its evocation of suffocating, dustbowl American peasants crippled by rapacious banks. But for me there was just a little too much emphasis on suffocation. Oh, and Jeff Bridges' Beaner-baiting relationship with his Mexican-Indian partner was just a little too Hank and Gomie.


Cineville - Hell or High Water


The Viewing

I'd had a lot of work to do today and I'd left it late and finishing it was a bit of a stressful slog. I was so poorly organised that I ended up having to cancel a Buddhist thing, and I don't like cancelling Buddhist things.

I finished my work about 9pm though, and immediately my thoughts turned to the cinema. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get to my local FilmHallen, and there's always something on. So I just went. I just ... went.

What you probably don't know is that from the age of around 15, when we got our first video cassette player and I first became properly obsessed by films, I always dreamed that one day I'd be able to go to the cinema as much as I liked and see just about any film I fancied.

And here I am.

I love Cineville. If I could see all the foreign films too, it would be too much. I would just die....

By the way, every time I see this, which is every time I come to the cinema, I feel sad again for Brexit. What a world.

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