Doctor Strange :: Like Being Trapped in a Kaleidoscope and Used As a Weapon…

Doctor Shit

Doctor Shit more like.

Part of me would love to leave it as a four-word review, but part of me can’t. So here are a few more words.

Doctor Strange is everything I despise about cinema. An estimated $165m spent and the script is just a mess of cliché and half-arsed attempts at profundity. Also, generally, I care for neither special effects nor fight sequences, and that is basically all this film has.

The experience of watching it felt like being trapped inside a giant kaleidoscope and used as a weapon in an intensely repetitive video game.

Doctor Dull

I was probably a little over an hour in when the spectre of another 45 minutes of incoherent digital pyrotechnics became too much. I was already horribly, horribly bored. So I left.

Maybe somewhere, in one of the infinite universes in the multiverse, I stayed till the end and wrote a glowing review.

Nah. Not even. 


Doctor Terrible


The Viewing

This was only my third ever 3D experience and it was a lot more like the first – the execrable Avatar – in that it was just really annoying and ultimately wholly soporific. I did nod off briefly before I woke up and left.

Great cinema though – screen number one at de FilmHallen on Kinkerstraat. Great street too. Possibly my favourite street in Amsterdam. Terrible film.

Having said that, what a great joy to be able to walk out of a terrible, terrible film, knowing I hadn’t just lost a tenner.

I love my Cineville card.

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