Beste Momenten :: Lessons in Turd-Polishing

It amazes me that there are still people around who insist that "you can't polish a turd", when there are in fact entire industries focussed on doing exactly that.

Actually, thinking about it, just about everything in this world is about polishing one turd or another. Whether we are the turds in question (which it would be fruitless to deny), or whether life itself is one giant turd (and you'd have to admit that much of the time, it totally is), then much of what is produced by human beings is focused on making us or our tawdry little lives appear a tad less repugnant, or a little more polished, than they actually are.

Fashion. Cosmetics. Cosmetic surgery. Advertising. Politics. TV of course. All art in fact, offers a version of reality that, whatever its ultimate aim, is refined, honed or in some other way polished. And the concept of turd-polishing is no bad thing. Really, it's just another term for improvement. And who doesn't want to be the best they can be? Or at least appear that way.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

I had some photographs taken a few days ago and I thought I would share them with you.

The photographer is Savaş Uğurlu, a lovely Turkish guy living here in Amsterdam.

Like all talented photographers, Savaş is a skilled alchemist, able to take base metals and turn them into gold. (See also: water to wine, wheat to bread, turds to beautiful jewellery.)

Here, for your delectation, the beautifully polished turd of my saggy old face... 

lined, pensive, polished — Beste Momenten
playing, polished — Beste Momenten
What do you want from me? — Beste Momenten
Thinking about Fit for Free trying to rip me off, the bastards — Beste Momenten
Colour! — Beste Momenten
CONTACT LENS! — Beste Momenten
Singing a song about death — Beste Momenten

Also ... larks! 

Me and Willy — Beste Momenten

And here, in case you were wondering what an unpolished turd looks like, is a recent picture of me taken by a non-professional. You see the difference?

Non-professional, non-polished — definitely *NOT* Beste Momenten. Ergste Momenten if anything.

So if you need a photo taken, get in touch with Savaş at Beste Momenten.

And here's a little spider-friendly copy...

<SEO> For Amsterdam photography of the most top rank, talk to Savaş Uğurlu at Beste Momenten Fotografie. Whatever the occasion — maternity photography, wedding photography, newborn photography, graduation photography, birthday photography — Savaş is very much your man.

Of course, there doesn't have to be a special occasion at all. Maybe you just want some decent photos of yourself, where you don't look drunk or in pain. You can use them on your social media accounts to look cool and collect likes. Or you can use them on dating sites to make potential partners think you're much better looking than you actually are. This is a matter between you and your conscience. Savaş will not judge you.

So for professional photography in Amsterdam — at a price you'll like! — choose Beste Momenten Fotografie. </SEO>

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