The Lego Batman Movie :: Like Being Pelted With Midget Gems…

The first thing that struck me about the hero of The Lego Batman Movie was how like Donald Trump he was. But then like so many people, I am unhealthily obsessed with Donald Trump at the moment and I see him everywhere.

It was the childish boasting that first made me see Trump in Batman. Then the sitting alone in his giant empty home in his bathrobe. Then there was his female counterpart telling him "It takes a village". Then, when finally we were informed in song that Batman doesn't always pay his taxes, I realised I wasn't imagining it. The Trumpification of Batman was deliberate.

Of course, Batman comes good in the end, so that I fear, is where the similarity ends.

Aside from a few Trump gags, The Lego Batman Movie has some very funny moments. And quite a few merely funny moments. And then lots of quite tedious moments.

On the whole it was fun and flashy and fast and — for me at least — rather wearing after a while. Of course, I'm not the target audience by any stretch. I'm not a child for a start. I'm not a Batman-fan of any kind — I loved the 60s TV show as a child, but like I say, those days are gone. Added to that, I don't really like animated films. Some are things of transcendent beauty of course, but I rarely go out of my way to watch one. Neither do I even like action films particularly. I like conversation films. So I guess a Batman meets Lego movie was always going to be a hard sell.

Cineville - Batman Lego Nonsense

For long stretches of the film I just felt like I was being pelted with midget gems. The action scenes were such a blur of noise and nonsense for me that I began to believe that my brain just doesn't speak the language of frenetic animation and in-jokes. And I don't think it's solely a case of being too old. I also think it's because I'm too clever.

No, I'm kidding. I just said that to annoy you.

It's just not ... quite my tempo.

In short, enjoyable enough in many places but I can't pretend I didn't get bored.


Cineville - Batman Lego Nonsense


I didn't realise this showing was in 3D until I got to the cinema. I was not thrilled with my discovery, having seen enough films in 3D now (4) to realise that on the whole, they are not my cup of tea.

I also didn't realise that it was Valentine's Day until I saw an unusually high number of young women carrying roses. Ha! How funny. How silly. How clever of capitalists to devise so many ways to exploit people. And how stupid of them (the capitalists) not to realise it's destroying the human race. Never mind! 

It was a beautiful day today too. Not only bright like the Bahamas and the snow almost totally melted, but also, I got a second job from someone for whom I'd done a first job that I'd really enjoyed. A cool job. To do with films.

I'm taking it as a sign.


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