A Man, A Plan, Some Canals – Amsterdam! (Or As Near As Damn It)

On Wednesday night I did a ‘London to Amsterdam’ Google search and found coach tickets for £15. I didn’t have anywhere to stay yet but I was feeling positive, so I bought a one-way ticket. Even if it all fell through, it was only £15. But also, there was something about the risk of buying a ticket I might never use that excited me. It was foolhardy. It was impetuous. It was only £15. And no one need ever know if it all went awry.

On Thursday I received a negative response from my first Airbnb request. I felt pangs of stupidity and started looking at Rotterdam. There are a lot of unbooked places in Rotterdam, and only a couple near Amsterdam. I even started looking at Bologna, where I used to live, thinking, well at least I know lots of people there, and I do speak the language. I would prefer somewhere new, but really, anywhere would do to start.

On Friday night I received a positive response from my second Airbnb request. The house is actually in Almere, which is about half an hour outside of Amsterdam. But that’s close enough.

The coach leaves on May 31st, the evening of my birthday, at 9pm, and gets into Amsterdam Duivendrecht Rail Station, at 9am the following morning.

Then I’ll have two weeks to find somewhere to live more permanently. I only really want to stay in Amsterdam for a few months, then I was thinking, maybe Prague. But let’s face it: anything could happen. And if I don’t manage to find somewhere in that two weeks, Rotterdam or somewhere in Italy might be back on the agenda.

It’s exciting though. I’m excited.

*And* I noticed this morning that on Friday I received £524 from ALCS. And if you don’t know what ALCS is, join the club. All I know is, I’m very grateful they exist. I’m particularly grateful because with this money, I’ll be able to afford a new laptop, which will enable me to start teaching English online with confidence in April.

*And* – as if that weren’t enough – today is the first day of Spring. 


Until soon.



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