Once upon a time, many moons ago, a tree fell down – or was felled by men – having had become too big for its roots – or its boots. It was then cut into hefty sections and left to its own devices. Uninclined to do a great deal, the hefty sections of wood were, over time, engulfed by moss and bramble and tied to the ground by thick tendrils of vine. A few weeks ago I freed them and brought them one at a time up the hill in a wheelbarrow.

Now they’re sitting in a circle of seemingly ritualistic intent as I wonder what to do with them.

Here they are…

What would you do with them?

Please don’t say ‘burn them’.

I’m not burning them.

15 thoughts on “Stumphenge

  1. idea :

    – invita 14 amici
    – fai un bel fuoco all’interno del cerchio magico
    – prendi tanti rami freschi di albero
    – infili nei rami tante belle salsicce di maiale
    – compri 14 bottiglie di cote du rhon
    – e fai una grande festa il 21 giugno per l’inizio dell’estate
    – non dimenticare……… rooods !

  2. Dig a shallow hole in the middle, pile in it all the stuff that is a) burnable and b) no longer required, invite friends, buy booze, sit on the stumps and watch your glorious fire as you get hammered.

  3. pile them on top of each other – thickest at bottom to thinnest at the top. drill small holes in the side of each and insert branches – longer ones at the bottom, shorter ones at the top – then you’ll have.. a tree!🙂

  4. Make an outrageous stand for the plough/tiller/whatsitsname. Failing that, chainsaw them into 5″ deep discs and carve out bowls/frisbees etc. Net them and use as a counterweight to haul absurd objects/yourself into the trees.

    Great for just sitting round the fire, mind.

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