Day 212 :: Christmas Day

December 25th, 10.58
I woke up at around 8.30. My watch is broken again but it’s only the strap and time doesn’t stop because of a broken strap. Oh, no. Outside, a substantial blanket of frost made my first and maybe last Christmas in France a white one. I put on my big coat (thanks, Michael) and trainers (thanks, Karl) and walked down to the shed to take a photo of the field. This is something I have been doing every day for about a month. I wish I had been doing it every day since the day I arrived, because then it would actually mean something. Oh well.  Never mind. I peed in the compost heap, came back indoors and built a fire. Then I had two cups of tea and a chocolate bar. Ho ho humbug.  

This is not the first Christmas I have spent alone. I think it’s the third. Maybe the fourth. One year, in Liverpool, I ate a tin of Campbell’s meatballs for Christmas lunch. Out of the pan. This year I was planning to have cheese and bread, maybe crack open a tin of olives, but on Friday night, someone gave me an old trout.

This is my first Christmas without electricity.  

I opened my presents around 09.45. Both of them. One is a collection of Tibetan Buddhist meditations and the other is a book of spells. My sister is a funny one. The book of spells contains this sentence: ‘Buy your lottery ticket on the right day for your star sign.’  

K, thanks.

Just after 10 I went for a ride on my bike and took some photos. It’s a lovely day. I rode up to the cemetery in Le Buis and played with one of the loose effigies that are lying about up there. I did think about bringing it home with me, but somehow it seemed wrong to steal a tiny metal Jesus from a corpse on Christmas Day.

Here are some photographs of fields.

Jesus looks extremely gay and flouncy when you take him down from his cross. I’d never noticed that before.

Now I’m going to cook my trout.

Have fun. Be happy. If you can’t be happy, fuck it. Give up.

11 thoughts on “Day 212 :: Christmas Day

  1. I would be happy but the refreshes on that snow are giving me migraine. Hope all is still well with you and the cats enjoyed the trout.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Merry Christmas fella. As much as that is possible by yourself. Of course at least there is the bonus of no one being able to ruin Christmas for you. It sounds like you have a new tradition of having an old trout for Christmas. Nice! Take care of yourself – here’s looking forward to a great 2012

  3. Yeah, don’t give up – just keep watching, it all gets more interesting. Just make sue the alcohol is rationed just right.

  4. Nice pictures. Hope you win the lottery. Could you cast some spells to get rid of my hangover/bloated belly/indigestion/general over-indulged state? After what I’ve put my body through over the last few days a chocolate bar and trout sounds just the ticket. Happy New Year!

    Mya x

  5. If you’re not allowed to look gay and flouncy on your birthday, when can you look gay and flouncy? Happy New Year, Karl. Hope the combination of hard physical labour, alcohol, and witchcraft keeps you warm and happy.

  6. I spent Christmas alone too. It’s my fourth. I ate Ryvita and cream cheese. And plenty of espresso. I had a little weep. Actually, it was a big weep. Don’t give up. Something magical will happen when you least expect it. Happy New Year.

  7. Golly, the landscape looks amazingly English. But not the graveyard. Happy christmas and new year and all that stuff. I spent the day today trying to break into a gigantic deserted castle in Wales with my kids (mostly failed, but found some brilliant accessible stuff round the back) and then throwing stones into the sea.

  8. Orphans’ Christmas is the way to go. Of course, if you live overseas long enough, it’s easier to find other orphans. It’s a bit harder when you live where you’ve always lived. I haven’t visited this blog for a very long time. Loved the other. Good to see the regulars still commenting. Love to ye.

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