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Working hard, working hard. I realised this week that I really need to find some better-paying clients, because frankly speaking, I'm getting stiffed. Speaking less frankly, I'm working far too hard for the very paltry amount of money I'm getting paid. I had just been thinking that — funnily enough — when someone popped up out of nowhere and confirmed it. So by this time next week I hope to have done something about it. Yeah? Yeah. Cheers. Here's the week...

:: final stages — one or two more weeks and we're back at the gym. You sure about that? Yes, I am.
alcohol consumed :: 6 tiny Dutch beers, 3 glasses of wine
days without alcohol :: 4
days I got to sleep before 1am :: 3
days I started work before 9am :: 4 (got some fine 7am starts in this week and enjoyed them — having a lot done before lunch is a very good feeling)
days I worked more than 10 hours :: 2 (presuming we don't count language-learning as work) (we don't) (cheers)
days I never left the house :: 0
days I smoked marijuana before 6pm :: 3 (today being one of them)
days I smoked marijuana before 3pm :: 1 (today)
copywriting jobs completed :: 8
other writing jobs ongoing :: 2
back sessions :: 5
physical gym visits :: 0
metaphysical gym visits :: 0
medical concerns :: 2
doctor's appointments made :: 0
libraries joined :: 0
days' disturbed by men :: 2. The painters and what-have-you I mentioned last week. They did another couple of days preparation, then moved up the street, leaving the place covered in shit and the hallway light somehow on permanent.
rages :: 0.3
approximate number of hours spent learning Dutch :: I reckon around 15. I have come into possession of the Michel Thomas Dutch CDs. They have changed everything. I now feel for the first time that I am actually learning Dutch. 
cinema visits :: 4
5-star films seen :: 3
reviews written :: 0
reviews pending :: 5. Eek. This is serious. I have to keep on top of this or it's not going to last, and I want it to. (Do you though? Shouldn't you just concentrate on finding well-paid work?) NO! Who are you anyway? Horrible little voice lurking in the brackets. No. I want to make the time to work on the things that I love. I've got this far in my life not getting paid for the things I care about. I refuse to let a sense of financial purpose stop me. 
plants kept alive :: 6
exotic creature sightings :: many. The parakeets are here every day now. They're not big on my nuts but I'm going to get a proper feeder for them. I'd love to gain their confidence. And maybe, somewhere down the line, their love.
money owed to Donald Trump :: none.
money owed to Ivanka Trump :: none. 
money owed to Eric Trump :: none.
routine adhesion :: 55%
week 7/52 overall rating :: 8.5. I am working. I am meeting new people. I am finding time to play guitar every few hours of solid work. Someone gave me a pill. Spring is coming. What more could I ask? 

painters & parakeets

I went to see The Handmaiden on Sunday night and I can safely say it was one of the finest, most spellbinding films I have ever seen. Afterwards I went out with a couple of people and met a couple more people. Interesting people too. Some of the kind of people I've been aching to meet in this sleepy old town. 


Say no more. 

Right. I've got to get on. Have a great weekend.

Don't do anything Trump wouldn't do. 


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