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Being a virtual record of my attempts to tame two acres of undergrowth, learn fluent French, become superfit and beautifully bronzed, write an award-winning comedy-love novel and find someone to love. In Limousin. Which is in France.

Day 550 :: The Beginning of a Great Adventure (Part Three)

Saturday December 1st I received a comment on a blog post recently. It was left by someone calling himself ‘P****d off man’. Here it is here…  I am not meaning to be rude to you, but perhaps you need to … Continue reading

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Day 538 :: Ghosts

Monday November 19th. 17:13 The electrician is looking for good earth, and for good earth he has to dig. I help him. My back hurts. It feels like I’ve been digging for days. In actual fact I have been digging … Continue reading

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This Is Paris

I am sitting on a porcelain toilet that’s been dumped on a busy Parisian street. I am smoking a cigarette and posing for a photograph. It seems like exactly the right thing to do. My host is amused by my … Continue reading

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On Flying Ryanair (My Brain Thinks Bomb-like)

Monday 12th November, 2012. 12:55 I should be somewhere over France now, preparing to descend. Instead I’m heading back into London in an almighty fug. Missing my flight back to Limoges was nobody’s fault but my own. I recognise that … Continue reading

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Day 504 :: Progress

Monday 16th October, 2012 The first stage of the Operation Power was completed sometime in the past few days. I wasn’t here. I was elsewhere, on a roof. The advance payment on the second stage has been made. Things are … Continue reading

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Day 495 :: Limbo (D♭m)

Sunday 7th October, 2012. 11:18 I woke up this morning – da naa na na – not feeling tired. This is unusual. I can’t actually remember the last time I woke up not feeling tired. I even felt like doing … Continue reading

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Twenty-One Reasons There Should Be … No More Page Three

There is currently a campaign afoot to persuade Dominic Mohan, editor of The Sun, to stop featuring photographs of naked young women in the newspaper. There have been campaigns in the past of course, and they have failed, but this … Continue reading

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